Athletics Headlines



Philosophy of Junior Varsity Athletics

Junior varsity athletics are the training grounds for varsity athletics.  The commitment and ability that is required is greater than middle school but it is not the same as varsity.  Because we are a small school many athletes have the opportunity to compete on the varsity and junior varsity teams at the same time.  The purpose of competitions is to gain experience for the varsity level and not simply to focus on winning.

Keys to Junior Varsity Athletics

  1. All athletes will get an opportunity to play.
  2. Emphasis and coaching will be on fundamentals.
  3. A higher value is placed on game experience than on winning.
  4. Any age player can be on the junior varsity team.
  5. Seniors and Juniors that start for the varsity team in that sport will not play in JV games unless additional players are needed in order to not cancel the game.  Those players will play in a different position and will not take playing time from younger or less experienced athletes.
  6. Players that play significant minutes at one position in a varsity game may play in another position in a JV game.  This is especially true for Freshmen athletes.
  7. Junior varsity players will attend all varsity practices unless otherwise informed by a coach.